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An individual most closely related to the collective cultural history of the Tolvaari peoples, the Lady Veýs is a legendary figure whose influence reverberates well into the modern day. Often associated with a similar mythical figure in Tretalleri lore, the Prophetess Llyrileýwa, the Lady Veýs influence has grown much since the early days of the Tolvaar and she features relatively commonly in literary and artistic works of the Tretâllë as well. The Lady Veýs is regarded in Tolvaari myth as a salvific and redemptive figure, and as such commands a great amount of respect. Though the Tolvaari people, save for the converts to the Faith of the Nine, generally do not believe in deities, the Lady Veýs' status in Tolvaari culture and lore has elevated her to a level that is very close to that of a goddess.

Tolvaari Myths